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About the Rappers In The Stu project

Rappers in the Stu is a collaboration project between DailyRapFacts & Stufinder. We created a website archiving photos, videos, and more of rappers in the studio. A lot of producers, studeurs, engineers, and managers are in these photos or videos.

Stu is short for studio. A recording studio.


DailyRapFacts is an independent media & publishing company dedicated to Hip-Hop.

Stufinder is a recording studio rental marketplace that allows creatives to book studio time.

It’s a beautiful collaboration between both parties.

This website ( is dedicated to archiving all the photos, videos, & more of notable rappers in the studio. We want these photos to live on the internet forever. Content can be filtered by year photo was taken or by rapper.

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Photos can be submitted here.

If your photo is used & missing credit, you can request credit here.

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